Coming Fast Or Slow

Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak and Crisis Art (

I thought he’d come for me, uh huh;

Come fast you see,

But Ebola too slow,

and that may be good, uh huh,

No Ebola;

No blast of vomit kissing my virgin eyeball, oh yuk;

No lost chunks on my door knob tempting sticky fingers, you see

and flickering tongues, uh nah;

It’s the wrong hole for me, but any hole he likes, you see.

I like the darkness in Ebola, his affection on me,

The bad-boy fatality where water comes out like it comes in;

He like depression, you see;

The pain is in the cure

True and simple;

Death need not be complicated, uh huh,

But living is


you see, after he,

that bastard, always hard

so hard on thee.

No worries, there are other lovers lining up for me;

I am hard to get you see, and they hardly ever hard on me.

Changas came for me,

such a boy was he

but a good Latin kisser, you see;

Past lovers’ stomachs permanently in knots,

for life, they say

but not me,

so silly to be with he,

and, yeah, there was Ziki, or Zika, sorry;

He not for me but had me scared though

Not any more for my barren soul, uh nah,

Not hiding out in any testes I know, you see.

But I have a confession, uh huh,

A regular undress’in, you see;

I love chikungunya, uh huh;

She’s so sweet on the tongue, oh yeah,

Makes me want to dance to chi-kun-gun-ya, yeah!

Come with her slow or with her fast

No matter if it feels fast and free with a hint of deadly in thee;

Such a pretty dancer is she

A deadly-like and alluring bite

not a bad boy but a nasty she, you see,

that one can wake up from.

I was heartbroken then, you see,

and had this fling with Dengue,

but he be with nearly 400,000,000 in a year,

and no longer with me;

I feel shitty

but am free now, uh huh;

No lover to contaminate my bloodstream, you see;

but maybe that influenza,

whose sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy;

Doesn’t matter if it be a she or he when it feels fast and free with a hint of deadly in thee,

more deadly the longer you dance with him,

or is it her?

I’ve got the chills now, you see;

Gonna lie down with me and my fantasy, uh huh;

They come for us

be it fast or be it slow.

We all have these lovers, you see;

so no worries, now,

go to sleep,

and I,

or he,

or she,

will come

and kiss thee …

Please listen and share a podcast of this poem found here.

Author: dropoutprofessor

A professor of English and Social Sciences that enjoys writing. Hope you enjoy my posts. All published work on this blog is my own. Pictures are used under license from or, unless otherwise noted.

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