New Writer’s Creed

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Success comes when you are present

For others;

Success comes when you understand what

You hate;

Success comes when you listen to

Your Readers;

Success comes when you stop impressing

All Others;

Success comes when you are present

For Yourself;

Success comes only when you

Love Yourself;

Success can come only when you accept that

They don’t like you because

They don’t like themselves;

Success is a cumulation of well-taken failures

And, if borne well,

Failures are sometimes masterpieces in disguise.

Author: dropoutprofessor

A professor of English and Social Sciences that enjoys writing. Hope you enjoy my posts. All published work on this blog is my own. Pictures are used under license from or, unless otherwise noted.

4 thoughts on “New Writer’s Creed”

  1. Hi there, I am nominating you the The Sunshine Blogger award, congratulations! You will have a link back to my post that details what to do next! I nominated you for your no-bullshit approach to writing about things that make people think. I think there needs to be more writers who take risks like you, which is why I am nominating you.

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