How Many Years and Counting?

wide angle front view of a bright yellow orange school bus on a

I got on 46 when I was 6,

31 years ago;

Never did I know,

13 years ago,

That I would drive 9073060;


I quit school in 89,

19 years ago,

Because, for nearly 13 years,

I was told I’m very slow,

So for 7 years I quit 20 jobs because I didn’t know


Where I belonged still at 23 years old,

But I hear quitter 7x7x7 and more,

So I applied to business school 14 years ago;

I was told I could not go not because I was too slow;

I failed the test by 1 point 168 months ago,


So I didn’t study and that served me well 17 years ago;

I got my GED in 91 and now I wanted more;

I got in to business school 166 months ago

And dropped out 14 years since now


I went to college for nearly 13 years and got 4 degrees, my first 11 years ago;

Never once in all those years was I called slow;


Now I teach 200 students every 52 weeks a year;

I publish books and collections and write, well, not quite like Poe,

But sometimes I think back to number 46

And remember the last day before 68, 29 years ago;

Then I got on 71 and rode, oh, I don’t know,

6 years, my birth number, 71,

68, and 46, I miss;


May I go back 31 and start over at 6 with a 37?

My 23 teachers may think then that I came straight from heaven,

Or hell?


Author: dropoutprofessor

A professor of English and Social Sciences that enjoys writing. Hope you enjoy my posts. All published work on this blog is my own. Pictures are used under license from or, unless otherwise noted.

3 thoughts on “How Many Years and Counting?”

  1. If this is autobiographical, then your accomplishments are remarkable and commendable. Your writing had me trying to figure out all the numbers in my head while I was reading. Enjoyed very much. 🙂


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