Where Art Thou Aesthetics Please?

If I could,

I would

Sculpt young girls,

Paint them,

And, if I could be a little boy again,

I would dance with them;

If I could be a little boy again,

I could have my friend back then


As I grew older, it happened,

Suddenly, violently,

As the years passed,

I grew fonder of

Young girls



She needs no branding,

No face painting,

No smiling,

Seemingly standing in the nude,

Only her face we see,

Not inappropriately,

To demonstrate

Pure and natural beauty,

Much like my muted mutual friend


But being a man, having

An aesthetic eye

 For girls?

Has a darker side

For our panic-protected world and

for my childhood,

His story


When I see her,

I see the defiance of pretty

But barely dirty bare feet,

Of a girl looking at me

Looking at her,

A bite away from the dangers of womanhood


Of innocence not lost,

Or has it been already lost,

On the cliff, the pending dusk of girlhood?

Me, not knowing if I should grieve or celebrate

Her delayed glory and my childhood memories’ defeat


For it is in a young girl to be just so beautiful in presentation,

Yet so clueless to its affect,

She, now, defies age

By dancing like a woman,

Only to return a child again


Is it inappropriate for a child-woman to act a woman-child?

Sassy is in the middle somewhere, but

It’s demanded that men not notice,

So we pretend so,

For we are perverts, peeping Toms, or pedophiles

All in denying,

Take your pick


We yell,

“Stay Safe,

Stay Safe,

Stay Safe,”

All the while

Multitasking on our phones with kids in back

Who’s driving this torment and chaos called life’s hack


I have a confession;

You know it;

You suspected as much,

That I might like girls

more than women aesthetically because,

In my defense,

Why would I not like someone that is






But timid in shyness,

And bold when not supposed to be so,


And truly free


Can you really blame me,

When their only motive

Is to be happy,

And so it is with me


I want the Me Too Movement

To cease,

When we have equality and everyone

Can afford to be carefree,

When women and girls can be anything,

Any way they want to be,

Naked or beautifully clothed

And we will truly value thee


I learned visually

 That girls were better than me(n).

Can I like girlhood,


And not be an offender,

A pedophile,  

A pervert, or

A sleaze


Can I make you uncomfortable


 Because deep down

You are afraid of me


Or is it their beauty

That scares you so?

Would you wouldn’t want to be me?

You are,

No worries, for shouldn’t we love natural aesthetic beauty?

Author: dropoutprofessor

A professor of English and Social Sciences that enjoys writing. Hope you enjoy my posts. All published work on this blog is my own. Pictures are used under license from Depositphotos.com or Shutterstock.com, unless otherwise noted.

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