Counterfeits of Love

Words are lovers that never love;

Oblivious to the feelings they create;

For they may seem real and “tried and true”

Yet only in conveying a counterfeit

 In me and in you.


Words are lovers that words hold back,

The gatekeepers of freedom,

Enemy of passion,

Hater of too

Much Lust,

Desire, or

Any thought that is

Questionably undesired.


Words are a constricted construct

That conveys civil discourse

In spite of truth;


It’s no wonder why artists seek love

From an oft-void psychopathic troth,

Whose truth lies in the subjectivity

Of slathered-on lies

No matter how great the artist,

Artistic vision often dies


For meaning is in seeing

Because such love, fantasy,

Or whatever we achieve to see

Can never be


A syntax,

A code,

A signifier,

a handbook–

An ill-attempted imitation of me

And Thee,

Of destiny.  

Author: dropoutprofessor

A professor of English and Social Sciences that enjoys writing. Hope you enjoy my posts. All published work on this blog is my own. Pictures are used under license from or, unless otherwise noted.

One thought on “Counterfeits of Love”

  1. This is a much gentler articulation of William Burrough’s Word Virus theory, that words are a virus that don’t just allow us to think, but also alter our thinking in potentially insidious ways. For proof, he always challenged people to read without hearing the words in their head (I can’t).

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