About Dropout Professor

Here is a little about me. I use pen names because my art and essays can have disturbing or upsetting themes or elements (think of the many themes the image of the child and snake conjure up?). I am a real professor, and have taught literature, writing, research writing, technical writing, and upper-division literature classes for over 15 years. I can also teach several human services courses and am a graduate student in clinical social work.

I received my PhD in 2004 in literature and criticism. I had a previous master’s degree in English, where I studied the visual representation of the body in D. H. Lawrence’s work. After teaching many years, I thought about pursuing a psychology PhD but decided to enroll in an interdisciplinary liberal arts program at Arizona State University. It was a fun and exciting program. I studied erotic and sexualized girlhood in social media and pop culture, as well as taboo sexuality. I also studied child pornography laws, and wrote a book under the pen name Justin Forest entitled Lolita in the Lion’s Den. That is the result of my MLSt program. The book is independently published, but takes the reader on a disturbing journey of what it is like for the main character, a child of abuse, to struggle with his attraction to young girls and some of his sexual fetishes. This is not a book that justifies child abuse, and any review that suggests this is being less than sincere. It is telling the story of a man who does nothing wrong but struggles with past trauma and his sexuality. The story has elements of my life, but as any writer will tell you, Glen is not me, nor are the family members identical. My greatest reward in writing the book is when women that were abused as children see value in the book, and when men that struggle with shame and humiliation feel that there is hope.

I later decided to go into clinical social work and have been in programs for about three years. I have amassed 40 credits and have interned and volunteered to work with child pornography offenders, solicitation offenders, child sex abuse survivors, and with non-offending pedophiles. My focus is on working with men that struggle with their sexuality. I am currently a graduate student in a clinical program and hope to graduate with a license in mid-2020. Please note that I am NOT a clinician  yet, nor is any of my work to be considered related to what therapists do. This is not meant to be a therapeutic website, nor will I give advice. My views do not represent any professional organization, nor that of my employer. The goal of my creative work is artistic, not theraputic. If my work helps you, I am ecstatic, but it may also trigger many that have not come to terms with their abuse pasts. However, I have spent all my life reading and working on these issues (sexual attraction and minors, pop culture and sexualized girlhood, hypersexuality, and I genuinely have love for dance and the arts), and I have had graduate courses on human development and human sexuality.

I have spent a good deal of time studying the visual reconstructions of the body in literature and then moved to visual representations of the body, in particular, when it  comes to girlhood (or what some see as over-sexualized) and hyper-masculinity in our culture.

Therefore, my work often has these elements, and I do have an interest in girlhood and the representation of girls in media. I love dance, gymnastics, and artistic representations of girlhood. That does not make me an offender. I just have my own interests. It makes me aware. I also have interest in the darker sides of sexuality, as we call it, such as paraphilia (fetishes) many of which are very common and under-studied. My work usually juxtaposes contrary elements because I find these attractive and provocative (things like good/bad, innocent/intentional, evil/good, cute/sassy, child/adult, masculine/feminine).

My intention is creative. I do not wish to offend anyone, but such in inevitable. What I ask of any reader is if an issue makes you very angry, instead of beating up the artist or speaker, ask yourself why you feel the way you do? Don’t allow the culture to provide the answer. Find the answer within yourselves. See the artist or speaker as a “training aid.” Explore your own feelings deeper. If it upsets you too much, please stop reading or listening and leave the site. I do not wish to hurt anyone and apologize in advance. I think that is what any artist hopes for.

I keep my identity semi-private (many know who I am) because I have a family and a life outside of writing. These works represent my creative self and the many issues our culture chooses to run from.

Like any writer, I value your comments and appreicate the time you take to write them. I do not value abuse and will ignore that. I never justify an anti-abuse stance by being abusive. Please leave a comment or suggestion below, or contact me using the “Contact” page.

I hope you come to value my space. This is not a money-making endevor for me.

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