[On Jean Phillipe Rameau.]



Proteus Ashmole

Jean Phillipe Rameau (1683-1764) wrote music that had the clean lines of early Classicism as well as the flowery ornamentation of the late Baroque period: one need only listen to his ballet suites to hear Classical lines overlaid with the perfect amount of embellishment.  In this sense, Rameau’s music was both brackish and beautiful.

A Snippet: How Media’s Construction of Fear and Rage Creates Our Life-Myth

Poverty is pulling the Trigger

Fearing People are Never Free

We want truth.
The truth scares us, generates fear.
So we create a life-myth that is perpetuated by fear and rage.
Those that challenge the myth are called out as dangerous.
Myth reinforced.

General Example:

Just scroll through CNN or Fox News or just about any news media outlet in the U.S. There you see it, fear and rage. What is missing? Actual facts of the event. Just enough information is given to keep us all in a state of emotional chaos.

Even the “good” media outlets like the Washington Post and New York Times are tightly controlled by gatekeepers of this myth. We see almost nothing of the real world. Big social media platforms, often quoted by these “creditable” news outlets, spread fake news or fear and rage that is often absent of factual information. The war on “fake news” may actually be a war on real facts. Have you been following the kids in red hats and the Native American story? What’s the truth? How many assumptions do we make? Are we a free people?

Outrage first, death threats second, actual facts may never happen.

Specific Example:

I looked at CNN a few months ago and scrolled down. There were three “mass” shooting stories (not all were actually mass shootings), then just underneath was an advertisement for a horror film. The woman actor was covered in blood!

Is anyone actually seeing this?

What Really Matters:

In sum, whether you believe in God or a spiritual being, we cannot know ourselves or a higher power if fear keeps us in a constant state of fight or flight. We cannot be happy. We can only be in emotional and psychological slavery.