Here, I will continuously update the list of poems (and essays and stories eventually) for those of you that would rather listen to the poems and other creative works, or for those that are visually impaired or need assistance reading. All of my work is produced by me and uploaded using Podbean. I am not a voice actor, but I hope having the poet and writer read from their creations adds to the interest. Yes, that is water you hear in the background, as I felt such added to the readings.

As always, please give feedback. All of my material is free (except my book), but I hold copyright under the following names: Justin Forest, Yogi Ortner, and Dropoutprofessor (Dr. Dropout). Please use my work only under permission. I will track down violators (besides stealing is just mean and will catch up to the person sooner or later). The list of podcasts is below.


“Dying in Artificial Coolers”

“382 miles away”

“Coming Fast or Slow”

“A Beautiful Dancer Magnified”

“A Conversation with God: From an Agnostic that Sometimes Prays”


“Billionaire Indian”

“Writing Brother (s)”

“Death of Density” (coming soon)


“Resurrecting Phoenix: How University Writing Programs Exploit Student Writers”

“Dear Washington, We are Not Your Prey; We are Your People”

“It’s Not Pedophilia; It’s Men: The Stupidity Behind Tumblr’s Porn Ban”

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