Girls and Hogs

I like chicks on bikes,

Girlish ones, with pigtails

Flaring out of hard-headed


Sleek and slight

Curvy bodies


A piston-pumping



Vibrating every inch

Of her


Delicate but deceivingly strong,

Taming the hardness,

The danger

Caressing just under

Her buttocks.


She strokes the throttle

And lets it explode

Down the road.


If sex be an addiction,

I gladly succumb to it

Only wishing to be a

Hog between some

Girlish-driving legs,

Her tempting hands

Squeezing and letting go,

Gripping and commanding

My trigger.

Counterfeits of Love

Words are lovers that never love;

Oblivious to the feelings they create;

For they may seem real and “tried and true”

Yet only in conveying a counterfeit

 In me and in you.


Words are lovers that words hold back,

The gatekeepers of freedom,

Enemy of passion,

Hater of too

Much Lust,

Desire, or

Any thought that is

Questionably undesired.


Words are a constricted construct

That conveys civil discourse

In spite of truth;


It’s no wonder why artists seek love

From an oft-void psychopathic troth,

Whose truth lies in the subjectivity

Of slathered-on lies

No matter how great the artist,

Artistic vision often dies


For meaning is in seeing

Because such love, fantasy,

Or whatever we achieve to see

Can never be


A syntax,

A code,

A signifier,

a handbook–

An ill-attempted imitation of me

And Thee,

Of destiny.  

If It was a Thing

Flower Fairy in the environment of butterflies

It’s funny if a unicorn was a thing.

A thing to touch

To feel;


It’s funny if a rainbow’s end

Was a treasure trove

To steal;


It’s funny if treasure was real;

Was there ever a pot of gold

For real?


It’s funny if people loved freely

As they do hate

For what is real;


I prefer rainbows, and fairy dust,

1-million-year old nymphs

Trapped in adolescence;

Where unicorns gleam,

Even in the midst of misty



Over, what is there to

Imaginations lost?


To being sane,

Or is it better to be static,

Manic, hypo- or hyper-manic?


It’s funny if imagination is a thing

To eliminate my pain

For real.