It Doesn’t Matter

Sad Mixed Race African American Girl Teenager With USA Flag Fiel

Oh, yes, we need equality

Where everyone starts at the same



It doesn’t matter

That I have food to eat but no loving parents,

But you have no food to eat but loving parents;

That your dad is a loin at home and you the fawn,

Or that my dad is simply not home.


That we call people red, yellow,

white, black, and even green.

Yet bleaching out our character

is all that is seen.


Yes, let’s all start at the same place,

Where she dodges gunshots, and

Puts to final rest her very, very best

Friend after he bled to death

On the ground

of the red-lined district.


Yes, yes, let’s all start at the same place,

Poor, and brown, and even poor-white,

Because we want the American Dream,

So we support the rich and obscene,

Their abuse, their ugliness, their greed

And their predatory love for green;


Because we want a dream, not of equality,

But a corporate-like dream where we, yes, we

Can hope to be just as rich,

just as powerful, and just as imanginary white,

Just as mean,

At the cost of equality.


Welcome to the American Dream,

So do you want to all start at the same place?

Maybe so, and so you want only you

to finish up at the top of this God forsaken race

And accuse billions of starving others that they simply are a waste?


Does beauty in diversity matter,

human dignity,




That’s my American Dream, but

It does matter?