Girls and Hogs

I like chicks on bikes,

Girlish ones, with pigtails

Flaring out of hard-headed


Sleek and slight

Curvy bodies


A piston-pumping



Vibrating every inch

Of her


Delicate but deceivingly strong,

Taming the hardness,

The danger

Caressing just under

Her buttocks.


She strokes the throttle

And lets it explode

Down the road.


If sex be an addiction,

I gladly succumb to it

Only wishing to be a

Hog between some

Girlish-driving legs,

Her tempting hands

Squeezing and letting go,

Gripping and commanding

My trigger.

Just Want

Guys just want to see pretty girls;

Girls just want to be unseen;

Seen only by lovely Desire;


Guys like them young;

And say, “I like young … girls women?”

Women girls say, “I like bad boys”

Boys men say, “my bad”

But how bad-good or good-bad?


Guys just want to see pretty girls

Girls just want to be unseen;

Guys like them how young;

Girls like them fun;


Guys can look at your daughter;

And see what you used to look like


Girls don’t look at boys;

Women don’t look at boys either,

Or bother to smell their sneakers, socks, stockings, and what else?


Guys may pause though

Even if not into girly stench-ed scented sneakers,

Because you looked like she when

You were young, and life smells only sterile now.

Like we died inside formaldehyde.


Who is more beautiful?

The tensed and troubled face attached to your body that looks like mine,

Or a face that evokes and mirrors Desire at the same time?


We cannot have it Desire permanently.

She comes fast and goes slow and may never come back again,

Though her remnants lingerie-like linger longing long after.

Even after you are gone, she will be there.


Just  not alone with you.


No[one]thing to smell or hold on to.

Guys just want to see pretty girls

Girls just want to be unseen by

Low self-esteem.


Because bad boys hurt them


That’s why they want to be unseen,

Because they cannot be in love if they are in love with love.


But guys I know better;

They just want to look at young girls,

And girls just want to be seen by what they like to see.

We can choose to chase life, or

Choose to move closer to death.

There’s a sense there’s danger in both there is.


Girls just want bad boys;

Guys just want to see pretty girls,

Both just want a thrill

And to see if they are still alive